Is It Time To Replace Your Tires?

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Is it time to replace your tiresYour car’s tire performance is essential to both its safety and its efficiency. Tires eventually lose traction and braking ability, and should be replaced when necessary. When your tires are in tip-top shape, they ensure that you stay safe behind the wheel.


Here’s how to determine if you need to replace your tires:

Inspect tread wear bars. These are small bridges that form between your treads. If you look at your tread pattern and notice the beginnings of these bars starting to form between the treads or running across the tires, and then become flush with the tires’ tread, you should replace your tires.

Conduct the penny test by placing the coin upside down with Lincoln facing you in the center of the tread.

Consider these things when maintaining your tires:


If you notice that your tire wear is extremely uneven or that your tires have worn out much faster than you expected, visit a competent auto shop. They will check your suspension and make any necessary corrections before replacing your tires.

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Posted in October 1, 2014

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