Florida Business – Laws That Impact You

FL Business LawsEvery Florida business must follow federal, state and local laws. Failure to follow these laws can create risk and liability for your business. Your business insurance may respond to these depending on the claim or action brought as a result of failure to follow the law. These are not all the laws that will impact your business, but these seem to be the ones that get a lot of attention. Continue reading

Florida Auto Insurance-Facts and Fiction

Fact or Fiction Florida Auto Insurance At times, purchasing car or auto insurance in Florida can be confusing. You are inundated with advertisements that say, “The application process takes just 7 minutes”, “Just click here to get the lowest price”, or “You don’t need an agent, you have a computer to help you”.

We believe that Florida auto insurance should be a purchase in which you put thought and consideration into, because you are buying a product and service to protect yourself, your auto and your family.

We wanted to clear up some of the Florida auto insurance misconceptions you may have heard.

1. “You can go online and in 7 minutes select the best possible combination of price, coverage and service”.

Fiction– There are literally dozens of options to consider with each company. We do all the work for you by comparing many different companies, then providing you with the best options. Sun Insurance Services will spend more than 7 minutes to get you the best possible coverage and price.

2. “Car insurance is the same for every car and owner”.

Fiction– Car insurance needs to be customized to fit your individual and family needs.

3. “Red cars cost more to insure”.

Fiction– Car insurance companies do not consider the color of your car. They do consider the make, model, cost and location of your auto.

4. “My driving record will not affect my premiums”.

Fiction– Your driving record will impact your car insurance rates. These are the driving infractions that will impact you the most: DUI, reckless driving, careless driving, speeding and failure to stop.

5. “All insurance companies are the same”.

Fiction- We represent many different companies. Some companies prefer motorcycles, while others have better rates for older cars. We try to match the insurance company to your individual situation, giving you the best possible combination of coverage, price and service.


Florida Auto Insurance Fact- We are dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive and affordable Florida auto insurance.

At Sun Insurance Services we strive to supply you with as many options as possible; thus enabling our comprehensive insurance strategies to provide you with the opportunity to custom build a policy that meets all of your Florida car insurance requirements.


Sun Insurance Services is an Orlando Florida based independent insurance agency serving all of the Sunshine state. If we can help you with any of your FL insurance needs, please contact us today!


Insurance Needs For Florida College Students

Insurance for Florida College StudentsSo, you have sent your college student off to school. You packed all of the sheets, towels, books, computer, etc. But did you remember to make sure they have one of the most important things they will need at school  – the right insurance coverages? If your child is renting a home or apartment with others, you may want to consider a renters policy. This will keep any liability separate from your individual policy. Continue reading

How to Reduce Theft at Florida Construction Worksites

Florida Business Insurance Can Provide a Solution

How to Prevent Theft at FL Construction SitesFlorida Contractors and developers have a lot to worry about including cost overruns, subcontractor issues, state and local regulations and much more. Florida Construction sites are frequently vandalized by the theft of machinery, equipment, tools and materials. If you have the right kind of business insurance, then you may be covered for such losses. Because job sites vary, each type of site will require different protective measures and programs. The following are a series of loss prevention recommendations designed to minimize or reduce the theft of property from your construction worksite. Continue reading