Fifty Shades of Sun

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It’s Valentine’s Week, and the week of the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey. We thought it was the perfect time to update our blog series “Fifty Shades of Sun,” and list 50 all the things we love about Sun Insurance Services. We’ll spotlight 10 every day this week.


11.  We’re big on technology, but we only invest in products that help our business run more smoothly, and, in turn, enhance our customers’ experience. You won’t find any big, clunky PC towers on our agents’ desks: we use sleek, elegant Mac Minis for our hardware. And QQ Catalyst for our agency management system, which we can reach from our smart phones or iPads.

12.  We share our lakefront office with some real animals; alligators.

13.  We are innovative with our business partnerships. If you have a business, ask us how we can help you build it!

14.  We made our very own “Songs of The Sun” mix CD.  How many songs can you name that feature the sun?

15.  We embrace and encourage diversity within our team! We represent 4 different cultures and speak three languages.

16.  Jim sends out a “Daily Sun” internal email every morning to keep the whole team up to date and connected!.

17.  All of our files are securely in the cloud, so we can access them from anywhere, any time. When the hurricanes hit in 2003 and 2004, we were working remotely responding to customers and helping get the claims process started.

18.  When you call/visit us regarding your insurance needs, we will give you the straight scoop. No fluff or sales language. Our goal is not to sell you a policy but to make sure you have the coverage you need to deal with the unexpected. We want you to be a customer for life.

19.  There are 120 feet of windows in our offices, offering plenty of opportunity for the sun to shine.

20.  Fun fact: there are over 643 Pez dispensers in Jim’s office. We even made a video of them loading onto the shelves. Want to take a look?


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