Get closer to The Sun…. Meet Our SunBeams; Hip Hip Who? RA! Meet our fearless leader, Mr. Sun himself, Jim Brandt!

Jim Brandt Sun Insurance Services Orlando FLHe’s funny, fair, knowledgeable, and forward thinking. He welcomes change, is willing to listen, is a collector of all things Pez, a lover of pizza, and says he loves his job because it keeps him young! How could you not like working with Jim Brandt? We do!

One step into the Sun Insurance Services office, and you know that not just our name is sunny! Our decor is bright and colorful and a lot of fun! When Jim planned to open Sun Insurance Services here in the sunshine state, he wanted to create an environment that represented both how he lives his life, and represented his vision for his business. “I’ve had the experience of an office full of grey cubicles up against grey walls sitting on grey carpet with most people feeling pretty grey.” says Jim. “I wanted our office and workplace to be fun and happy.” That it is! In keeping with our awesome logo (just voted #5 on the top ten insurance logos) our offices are happy shades of purple, and yellows, and oranges, and other jovial colors that, well, make you feel all warm like time spent in The Sun should!

That warm feeling extends beyond the paint and furnishings. Jim’s vision is one of community. While the old days of hanging your insurance shingle on the outside of your building and having people walk in off the street may be a thing of the past; offering personal service is not. Here at Sun Insurance Services we strive to educate our clients in whatever insurance matters they need whether that be personal ,  businesses or health/life. It’s not about selling a policy. It’s about providing the best insurance solution possible, and we want you to be informed and have a good understanding of what that means for your own unique situation.

It all starts at the top, and Jim sets a great example for the entire team. His dedication to his vision, along with his perseverance and positive mindset makes working with Jim a delightful experience. You should try it for yourself…contact him today!

Some fun facts about our glowing leader….

  • He is one of 5 children with 3 older sisters and a younger brother.
  • He is very charitable with Emmy’s Heart being a favorite benefactor.
  • His favorite color is Maroon… it’s classic and distinctive (like him).
  • He thinks iTunes is the greatest invention of the 21st century!
  • What he wants you to understand about insurance… That it’s a tool to help plan for catastrophic events not a scam to fleece the public.

Sun Insurance Services is an Orlando Florida based independent insurance agency serving all of the Sunshine state. If we can help you with any of your FL insurance needs, please contact us today!

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Anne Cass Sun Insurance Services Orlando FLSay hello to Anne! We welcomed Anne Cass to Sun Insurance Services late last year and it was an easy transition for all! She adds to the Sun family with her welcoming spirit and excitement to help our clients with their Medical and Health Insurance needs. As an Air Force child Anne has lived all over the U.S. including Anchorage Alaska! She got her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Finance degree from The University of North Dakota and began her insurance career in 1986 in Charlotte N.C.

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