Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance; It Is Not An Option For Most Businesses

ComplianceYou may have seen the story on WFTV earlier this week regarding a local Orange County restaurant owner who is facing felony charges because investigators say she didn’t carry Florida workers’ compensation insurance. According to the detective in the case,  an insurance fraud investigator with the state of Florida, they did not have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. It is illegal in the state of Florida to not carry workers’ compensation insurance if required. Continue reading

How to Reduce Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs

Reduce FL Workers Compensation Insurance CostsFlorida Workers’ compensation costs are escalating rapidly. In fact, statistics reveal that the direct cost of workplace injuries in 2010 was $879,000,000 and is rising. While there’s no way to completely prevent incidents, there are certain steps an organization can take to minimize the frequency and cost of such events and reduce your workers’ compensation costs. Continue reading