How to Reduce Theft at Florida Construction Worksites

Florida Business Insurance Can Provide a Solution

How to Prevent Theft at FL Construction SitesFlorida Contractors and developers have a lot to worry about including cost overruns, subcontractor issues, state and local regulations and much more. Florida Construction sites are frequently vandalized by the theft of machinery, equipment, tools and materials. If you have the right kind of business insurance, then you may be covered for such losses. Because job sites vary, each type of site will require different protective measures and programs. The following are a series of loss prevention recommendations designed to minimize or reduce the theft of property from your construction worksite. Continue reading

Every Business Needs Business Insurance

Business Insurance with Sun Insurance ServicesThe world is changing, and Sun Insurance Services understands the issues facing Florida businesses. There is constant competition for your customers, there are challenges in attracting and retaining top talent, and your cost of goods keeps going up. Part of your planning should include an annual business risk analysis review. Your Florida business changes, and so do your exposures. Here are some of the major kinds of coverage found in most business insurance programs.  Continue reading

Attention Business Owners: This Is Why You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance…

EPLI Why you need it...In our increasingly litigious society, the threat of a lawsuit hangs over every business transaction, large or small. Even employers who adhere to the letter of the law at all times are likely be sued by an aggrieved employee or customer at some point. Continue reading

Florida Business Interruption Insurance

Coverage for every company

FL Business Interruption InsuranceFlorida Business Interruption Coverage is part of commercial insurance policies. This coverage is most commonly found in Florida Commercial Property Insurance Policies and Business Owner’s Policies (a package policy for small businesses, often referred to as a “BOP”). Continue reading

Do You Need Cyber Liability Coverage For Your Florida Business?

FL Cyber Liability InsuranceOver the last several years, Florida cyber liability coverage has evolved from just insurance for information technology companies to coverage that nearly every kind of Florida business should have if they don’t already. Continue reading